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Participating as a volunteer for the Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo, presented by Selkirk Signs will be an experience filled with camaraderie, goodwill and excitement. Volunteers play a key role in creating an unforgettable experience for athletes, spectators, and tourists who will attend this event.

You can volunteer in a variety of roles, ranging from registration, course set-up, food station, and clean-up, to medical, course support and more. While there are many ways you can help, they all have one thing in common: you are an integral part of the event. No matter if you’re young, old, love cycling or know nothing about the sport, we look forward to seeing you. Get involved and support the athletes in their quest to the finish line.


To become a volunteer please fill out our online form .

Below are some tips to help you enjoy the day:

Dress in layers for all weather possibilities. Many volunteer roles will require being outside. Working outside is much more fun when you are dressed appropriately for the weather. That means:

  • Rain jacket and rain pants plus waterproof footwear

  • Comfortable footwear that you can wear for 10 hours and still be comfortable

  • Layers that you can put on or take off depending on temperature

Bring your own food and water

Always come prepared to events with a full water bottle and some basic snack items for yourself. Events will provide snacks and refreshments, but sometimes the timing doesn’t fit when you may get hungry.

Speak up

If you’re not fully comfortable with a given task or role, please don’t hesitate to speak up and ask. Event volunteers have the full obligation to voice their concerns and should ask for clarification when needed. Whether it’s the heat, heavy lifting or a disgruntled rider, please let your Event Coordinator know so that the situation can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Be prepared

Arrive on time for your shift and fully read all the materials that have been provided before your shift. Arriving fully informed and prepared will add to the enjoyment of your experience as you will be able to answer questions with confidence

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