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Rules & Regulations



The Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo, presented by Selkirk Signs rules are to protect yourself and your fellow riders

  • Stay to the right side unless you’re passing another rider. When passing on the left you must CALL OUT

  • Use caution on tricky downhill sections – it’s better to go slower than to crash

  • Point out obstacles and road imperfections to help the riders behind you

  • Treat volunteers and road management personnel with all the respect in the world – and you’ll receive it in return

The following are basic rules for riding the Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo, presented by Selkirk Signs. Violators of any of these rules are subject to removal from the event:
  1. Helmets are mandatory: Helmets must be worn and done up at all times.

  2. "Stay Aware, Ride with Care": Look for obstacles, don’t swerve and weave, keep your head up, and ride in single file when possible.

  3. "Stay to the Right": Unless passing another rider, ensure that you stay as far to the right of the road as you can. This makes it easier for other riders to pass you safely on the left.

  4. No personal support vehicles on course: Please let us take care of you on your ride. Avoid clogging up the route with additional cars and trucks.

  5. No unregistered riders

  6. Chip and Number Placement: All participants MUST mount their chip and place their number according to the instructions supplied in their ride package bag.

  7. No personal audio devices (iPod, headphones, etc.) and drones: These devices present distractions, and ultimately place you and other riders at risk of accident.

  8. Under-18 riders: All KRGF riders under the age of 18 must have their wavier signed by parent/guardian at Package Pick-Up to ride in the event.

  9. Non-standard bicycles (e.g. time trial, tandem bicycles and recumbent), E-Bikes and race wheelchairs: KRGF requires such bikes to exercise extreme caution while riding in large groups, as the majority of riders may not be familiar riding with non-standard bicycles. At the discretion of KRGF staff, these types of non-standard bicycles may be required to start at the rear of the group. Please note that due to issues of size, it may not be possible to transport these bicycles back to the finish area should you require.

  10. No littering: If you are caught throwing anything on the ground while participating in the ride, you will be subject to removal.

  11. Observing traffic management personnel and course marshals: If it is observed that someone ignores or disobeys the instructions from one of these individuals, they risk ejection from the ride.

  12. Treat volunteers with kindness and respect: We value our dedicated volunteers and want to ensure that they have a great time. Abuse of any Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo volunteer will not be tolerated. Smiles and thank-you’s will.

  13. The event organizers reserve the right to refuse entry into the event if any of the above rules are violated by a participant.

  14. The Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo reserves the right to use your image for promotional purposes.

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