Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there Aid Stations?
    • Piccolo Fondo @ 30 km & 48km 
    • Medio @ 30 km, 59 km & 82 km 
    • Gran @ 30 km, 59 km 82 km 107 km and 132 km
  • Can friends and family watch the event?

    Yes. Spectators are advised to watch from the following designated areas: 

    • At the Kimberley Platzl between 9:30-12:30pm
    • St. Eugene Golf and Casino Resort (Start /Finish)
    • At one of the Aid Stations located at 30 km (Kimberley Platzl), 59 km (Hwy 95A/93A Junction), 82 km (Ft. Steele/Bull River Road Junction) and at 107 km (Fish Hatchery)
    • Piccolo Rider Fans Emacor Road located on top of the Wycliffe Hill enroute to Cranbrook Airport
    • Medio and Gran Riders top of the Fort Steele Hill highway 93 (trust us they love your cheers!)
  • Do I need ID to Register
    Yes, Photo ID is required from each Rider to Register at Check in on Friday, September 6

  • How do I register?
  • How fast do I have to ride?

    The Fondo is a personal challenge. The rider selects the distance and the speed he/she wishes to ride. However, the course  closes at 5:00pm.

  • How long is the ride?
    • Gran Fondo 152 km 
    • Medio Fondo 102 km 
    • Piccolo Fondo 58 km
  • How will I know I am registered?

    You will receive a confirmation email from our registration partner CNN.

  • Is it a timed ride?

    It is not a race, however all participants will have a chip timer to allow them to see how long their ride was. 

    Please return your chip to the Chip Volunteer Collectors at the Finish Line.

  • Is there a minimum age to participate?

    Riders 18 and under must have signed permission from a parent and/or legal guardian in order to participate. Riders 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. To request a copy of this form, email:

  • What is included in the entry fee?

    Commemorative T-shirt, course markings, nutritional aid stations, Continental breakfast, chip timing, traffic controlled roads, mechanical and medical on course assistance, Sag Wagon support for riders unable to complete the ride, post ride meal and drink, secured bike parking before and after ride, Swag bag with a variety of coupons, ride results posted live on and post ride on web sites

  • What is the change in elevation?


    • Starting Elevation: 801 M
    • Maximum Elevation: 1101M
    • Gain in Elevation: 407 M


    • Starting Elevation: 801 M
    • Maximum Elevation: 1139 M
    • Gain in Elevation: 933 M


    • Starting Elevation: 801 M
    • Maximum Elevation: 1139 M
    • Gain in Elevation: 1303 M
  • What time does the ride start?
    • Gran Fondo 9:15 am 
    • Medio Fondo 9:45 am 
    • Piccolo Fondo 10:00 am
  • What type of bike can I ride?

    We suggest a road bike as the best option to ride in groups. It's lightweight, makes climbing and the long distance easier. You can also ride a mountain bike, touring bike or single speed, especially for the Piccolo Fondo (58 km).

  • When & Where can I store my bike?

    There is no overnight storage. 7:30 am - 6:00 pm on Ride Day

  • When & Where do I pick up my registered riders package?

    Friday night 12pm-8:30PM at St. Eugene Resort and Casino: 7777 Mission Rd, Cranbrook
    Saturday morning Registration will only be accepted if previous arrangements have been made  

  • Where can I find my timed results?

    Live results

    Post ride results on

  • Will there be restrooms on the course?

    Yes, at the Start/Finish & all Aid Stations.